Welcome! In 2024, I am rebranding The Molly McCann Memo to the simpler Molly’s Memo. After more than a year of writing very little, one goal I have for 2024 is to return to writing more on politics. With that in mind, I will be trying to publish a weekly column here on Substack every Saturday. Molly’s Memo is free, so please share it with friends and family. This year, more than ever, we need to be informed and energized for our country.

Molly McCann Sanders is Of Counsel with the Binnall Law Group in Alexandria, Virginia. Her practice is focused on appeals and litigation concerning federal civil rights and the United States Constitution. Molly is also the host of the political podcast Bravado and has contributed to a variety of conservative news and opinion outlets. She lives with her husband and young son in Dallas, Texas.  Twitter: @molmccann · Instagram: @mol.mccann.

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